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Dale DeGroff's Bitters

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Saw this bitter at a store recently and was wondering if anyone has tried it. Was $20, seems a little steep... Is it worth it?


Haven't tried it myself. Good bitters make a better cocktail and Ted Breaux has the background to make a quality product. He started Jade Liqueurs and makes what most regard to be high quality (and expensive) absinthe and one of my favorite curiosities, Perique liqueur.

Don't know how directly involved DeGroff is in the process but certainly has the resume to know something about bitters. That said it may be a bit like adding a Mercedes to your drink instead of a Toyota. Both will get you there but you may enjoy the former more (and it may even be a little better). But whether it is worth the extra cost for that improvement may be an individual preference.

That said, $19.75 for a 250 ml (about 8.5 ounces) bottle doesn't seem all that costly compared to other "artisanal" name brand bitters. 4 oz bottle of Bitterman's Boston bittahs is $17.95.

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