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Four Roses Decanter

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Can anyone tell me anything about this Four Roses decanter? My grandmother gave it to me and said it was from my grandfather who used to be a Four Roses drinker a long time ago.

Does anyone know the year it was issued? Was it part of a special gift set? How did someone get one?

Any information would be a great help, thanks!

(I am not sure how to add a picture, so I included a link of the same decanter)


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How large is it?

It looks like a very old bar decanter, by which I mean the kind of decanter that a saloon would have behind the counter for filling customers' glasses, and get refilled from a barrel out back (in the days before individual bottling, they shipped in barrels and clay jugs). That doesn't mean that it is one, just that it has that sort of look.

I like it!

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