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Old Corby's distillery tour presentation

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That was very interesting.

They didn't mention the key part, which was the sourcing and characteristics of the flavouring or straight whisky used in the blending stage mentioned. It is mentioned indirectly when they say the matured whisky was blended with "different types".

Possibly the flavouring whisky was distilled at Corby, possibly it was sourced from outside, even the U.S.

Corby still exists but has the whisky made for it at the Canadian Club distillery in Windsor, ON owned by Pernod-Ricard. Pernod-Ricard owns a majority stake in Corby and the rest is the public float.


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Jono That film was awesome it brought back many memories of racking and filling and dumping whiskey. Moving the barrels every now and then and checking for Leaks. The old still equipment reminded me of DSP-PA-12. Many thanks for your note on my thread! Hope you had a great Christmas! I got to get writing again. Just trying to find some kind of Job before my Unemployment runs out. At 67 that is a tall order.

Dave Z

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