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Historic alcohol production levels - Peoria, IL then compared to KY today

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Peoria, IL

"Between 1837 and 1919, there were 24 breweries and 73 distilleries in operation here."

"While it lasted, distilling was the leading industry, producing an estimated 18.6 million gallons of alcohol a year. " (350,943 barrels)

US population 104.5 million (1919) http://www.peoriamagazines.com/ibi/2011/jan/made-peoria-birth-industry

Kentucky today

"At 1.2 million barrels, Bourbon production in 2013 reached its highest mark since 1970."

US population 318.9 million (2014) http://kybourbon.com/bourbon_culture/key_bourbon_facts/


Scotland has 109 distilleries are licensed to produce Scotch Whisky.

In 2011 the total barrel production of malt and grain was 2,581,519 barrels.http://www.scotch-whisky.org.uk/media/62024/2012_statistical_report.pdf

(517,922,206 liters x .264172 (liters per gallon) x 53 gallons (bourbon barrel).

So, prior to Prohibition, one city produced about 34% as much alcohol, mostly whiskey, than our most

productive bourbon state today when the nations population is 3x larger than in 1919.

Add in all of the other pre-pro alcohol production volumes from around the nation (I have not found a total figure),

specifically whiskey, and it seems the per capital consumption was vastly higher than.

Oddly, today, France drinks more whiskey per capita than anyone else and Australia drinks more American whiskey per capita than

anyone (more than US citizens). http://qz.com/166242/the-worlds-taste-for-whiskey-visualized/

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