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5" x 50 RG

Lovely box of 25

Rated 86 by Cigar Aficionado - June 2003

I opened this box the day it arrived, and threw them into the humidor. The next day, I gave one to Irishcelt, even before I had a chance to sample the goods. Is that nice or what?

After six frantic days of running all over Northern California on business ventures of one kind or another, I decided it was time for a break. I was exhausted, all my joints ached, and I didn't give a rip about the messages waiting on my voicemail.

First thing, I opened the refridgerator and pulled out three leftover items:

- Grilled marinated chicken with buttered rice and vegetables. I promptly threw this in the microwave.

- Two slices of Mountain Mike's sausage pizza. These went into the toaster.

- Three potato skins loaded with cheddar cheese, large chunks of bacon, sour cream and green onion. These went into the toaster next, and then went on a plate with the pizza.

I poured Crown Royal over the rocks and took all the food to the small table on my front patio. When I went back inside to the humidor, I grabbed the Wavell without hesitation. After resting in my humidor for almost a week, it was high time to test the merchandise!

This cigar was definitely box-pressed. Interestingly, a cross-section would produce a rectangle, not a square. The box was flat, with a wide gerth... and made for a peculiar cigar shape. This was an advantage while smoking, as a rectangular cigar is easier to smoke than one which is perfectly squared.

The cellophane was difficult to remove. This was a fat, oily, box-pressed cigar which fit tightly into his plastic outerwear.

Upon removal, the cigar exhibited a nice sheen on his nearly black skin. Slightly bumpy, with normal-sized veins, it sported a beautiful lady on a band of red, yellow and black and gold. I was able to slide the band off intact. Another attractive emblem for the collection.

A pre-light sniff down the barrel did not even hint at the sweetness I expected from this maduro. "Hmmmm," I thought. "He's being mysterious." Not even lit, and I'm enjoying it already!

I moistened the cap in my mouth. My tongue was met with a salty, powdery taste of earth. "Hmmmm," I thought again. "You just keep up that ruse." Snip! His head came off neatly, and the filler was clean. No annoying shreds. Obviously, the tobacco in this cigar was firm and substantial.

The Colibri was used for this occasion. Nothing but the best for this afternoon Celebration of Freedom. As I toasted the foot, the surrounding air was suddenly full of aromatic promise. "Oh boy, this is gonna be good."

The first puff brought back to mind that all-too-familiar descriptive phrase. Yep, you guessed it... "Dulce Pungeance." Richly complex elements of sweetness. "Dog Gone! It must be the maduros." I mused. "I must be going mad for maduro!"

Talk about an ash. A striking contrast of white against the dark brown exterior. The burn was perfectly even and slow, producing an ash that wouldn't quit. "My goodness, what a nice looking cigar." I was sitting pretty.

I scarfed the delicious leftovers in between puffs from this strong stick. The whiskey seemed like a little much by itself, so I went inside to grab a glass of cold water. "Ahhhhh, much better." I was set.

This was a nice start to the remainder of the day. Although, I was not long for wakefullness. After an hour of smoke and vittals, I was ready for bed. One distraction after another was not to deter me. I hit the hay very early, and slept forever.

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Though I wrote this review some time ago for the StogieChat.com cigar forum, this particular cigar remains one of my all-time favorites to this day. When I don't want to fool around, and just want a known commodity, this is it. Economically priced, it's a delightful go-to everyday smoke from the folks at La Gloria Cubana.

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