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DUNHILL Lonsdale Grande

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DUNHILL Lonsdale Grande

7.5" x 42 RG

Brewed up a pot of shade-grown, fine-grind, French Roast beans and headed for the backyard to enjoy this promising selection.

I remembered liking Dunhills in college, so my mouth was watering by the time I hit the porch. I can hear my downwind neighbor to the right working in her yard. Boy is she in for a treat!

Plopped one of those plastic white lawn chairs in the middle of the grass facing my expansive flower garden. I must have taken in a couple dozen shades of petals as I toasted the foot evenly. Ooooooooh, a nice white ash is starting to develop... a good sign of things to come. Just as I am preparing to indulge, I take note of the sturdy construction. This is one solid stick.

At last the moment I had been waiting for. Two small puffs, and I fill my mouth with a cloud of perfume. THIS IS THE FLAVOR THAT I LONG FOR!!! The same delicious nutty creamy flavor persisted throughout the entire length of this cigar. It is the same flavor I've found in the H. Upmanns and the Arturo Fuente Perfecto that I smoked a while back.

As I contemplated the flavor, I examined the wrapper. Not too veiny, and pretty smoothe. Light, light brown hue, and no visible flaws. The ash that developed was white as snow on the outside, with a mix of white and grey inside.

One thing I noticed after snipping the cap, was the thickness of the binder. It was one of the thickest binders I've ever seen, and probably wouldn't have noticed otherwise. Perhaps this was another factor contributing to the delightful taste and aroma.

Unlike the Montecristo #3 that I smoked in Oregon, which left a significant bitter taste on my palate, this stogie had none of the bitterness. In fact, there was a noticeable lack of noseburn from fumes coming directly to my nose. Could this be the effect of aging? This was some of the thickest, richest, creamiest smoke... but was extremely mild. Yummy!

Besides being nutty, creamy & mild, this baby was incredibly sweet. Astonishingly sweet for not being a Maduro. All told, it took me about 45 minutes to wrap things up. This cigar delivered everything I look for; and I smoked it down to a 1 inch nub before giving it a final parting glance as it sailed gracefully over the back fence.

Alas, parting is such sweet sorrow.

I'll definitely have to get a whole box of these!

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A couple months after posting this review originally, I kept my word and ordered an entire box. They have been a lovely addition to my collection.

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