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Looking for info on the A. Keller Distillery (Ashbrook Distillery)

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I recently saw a sign for sale from the A. Keller Distillery in Cynthiana Kentucky. It caught my eye because my fist initial reaction is A and my last name is Keller. I'm weird like that. As far as I can see, it was a pre prohibition site operating from the late 1800's to 1920. I'd love to have a copy of the sign for my man cave, but wouldn't know where to go about getting one. Any ideas? I've seen original bottles for sale, but $350 is a little out of my price range for an empty bottle. Also, I'd appreciate any information on the distillery anybody can provide. I sincerely doubt there is much out there, being as old as it is.



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In addition to what Scott said, you might check my current post here on my blog, as a Keller is named as one of the founding, German-American bourbon-makers of Kentucky:  http://www.beeretseq.com/genealogy-of-bourbon-whisky/


I suspect there was distilling before 1840 but in any case, you might do some further work on the Keller family in Kentucky. I'd think there must be a connection somewhere given Indiana is not all that far from Harrison County (relatively).



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