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Elijah Craig 18

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B.B. Babington

Thanks for the thread bump.  EC18 is probably my top favorite bourbon.  Back when I drank 2 much, I'd do 2 plus bottles a week.  It was $35/bottle.  I'd sample different barrels/lots & when found a good one, would go back for half case.  Those were good years, I broke it up with GTS as a regular pour.  Only thing I've liked better are unobtanium, old Saz18 and the Glove.  


I've not had this year's EC18, but if it's like past, it's very similar profile to old pre-fire EC18.  That is one to savor slowly.  It is as treasure.  Pay attention to after taste and what you get in the nose.  Florals.  Not sure what you'll find to compare other than Henry McKenna BIB 10 year old.  


My palate not as good as others, for EC18 compared to EC21 I don't get more wood but do get subtle more maturity.

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