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The Origin of the New Charred Barrel to Age Bourbon - European Science Circa 1800?

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17 minutes ago, tanstaafl2 said:


I tend to hear a number closer to 60% bandied about for barrel influence but still, that is a lot! I tend to think of Age, Rick house and Temperature/weather more as sub units or modifiers of barrel influence (and probably Barrel Proof as well).


While filtration likely plays a role I am not sure I could tell you in a blind tasting which is which if I were able to get the same distillate from the same barrel and one bottle was chill filtered and the other was not. Maybe some can but I am not sure I could!


Bottling plays no role as far as I can tell. Proof is likely important to some degree but that is mostly a factor of being diluted for anything other than a cask strength whiskey.


So that leaves Mash Bill, Yeast and Distillation to account for most of the other 20-40%. That seems reasonable


Well the percentage selected will vary according to different views on it, but the blind tasting is an objective test. I've participated in many over the years at SB events. No one ever did very well, some people (Randy B one year) did great but there we knew the brands in advance so it was more semi-blind tasting really. Still, I'll never forget when Randy picked 5 out of 6 I think, an amazing feat especially as he is accustomed to tasting with ice.  But the point being, the barrel is huge here, that is what it shows.


These other factors do matter and there are certainly differences between brands, but they tend to be averaged down by the big impact of the barrel (IMO).



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