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What Are You Having For Cocktail Hour? FALL/WINTER 2016

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Harry in WashDC

With corned beef, cabbage, yellow beets, potatoes, brussel sprout (I had one which is one more than I usually have), and scallions, we had Old Fashioneds.


EDIT - and carrots.


2 oz. Copper Fox Whisky (4 months old), 94 proof, Ric Wasmund's Belmont Farms, Culpeper, Virginia

1 tsp simple syrup

about a tsp of lemon peel

Angostura bitters to taste


Put everything but the ice in a regular OF glass and muddle some (not a lot).  Add two ice cubes and stir awhile.  Add another two ice cubes and stir awhile.  Drink.  Make more.


I don't know if he makes this anymore.  Our bottle is about/over 10 years old.


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forgot the carrots for awhile.
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