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Pictures Relating To Old Peoria Distlling

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I was in Peoria, IL for the Thanksgiving holiday, & took a few pics there in the former whiskey capital.

First is what seems to be an old apartment building (which it is), but was originally built as the single family home (mansion) of Joseph Benedict Greenhut, the head of the Whiskey Trust of the late 1800s. The second pix is what alludes to the fact that the building is not just an apartment building; it is the large coach house behind the main building. The servants quarters are now apartments and the coach areas are garages.

The third picture was taken of the ADM plant down by the Cedar St Bridge, where ethanol is distilled for fuel. This was once Hiram Walkers, and Great Western Distillery before that, & at one time the largest distillery in the world. There are only a few of the huge brick rickhouses in the pic still left; there used to be rows and rows of these things as you drove down the street, but were demolished years ago.





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