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Maple-Bourbon-Pecan-Brioche Sticky Buns

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These are a favorite here on xmas and New Year's. In addition to the pecans, I have often added bacon to the filling. Enjoy!


Starter Dough:


1/2 C AP 

2TB Sugar


2ts Yeast



Main Dough:

1 1/2 C AP

1 ts Salt

3 Eggs

1 Yolk


2 Sticks (16TB, 1C) Butter Room Temp




1/2 C Packed Brown Sugar

1/2 C Maple

1/2 C Chopped Pecans




1/4 C Maple

1-2 Shots of Bourbon


Starter Dough: combine ingredients in a mixer with dough hook or by hand and mix until smooth and elastic.


Main Dough:


1: Add flour, salt, eggs and yolk to the starter dough and mix with hook until smooth and elastic.


2: Remove dough from bowl, add butter and whip with dough hook until smooth. With mixer at medium speed start adding the dough in small pieces, giving each piece about 20 second to mix/incorporate. IT’s going to look crazy, but eventually it will incorporate. This will not be a firm dough, very sticky and gloppy-it’s ok. 


4: Cover and refrigerate overnight.


5: In the and turn out and roll  a rectangle, sprinkle pecans and cinnamon and drizzle maple syrup evenly throughout dough. Cut into equal size slices, place in a deep sided 8x8 baking pan, cover with foil and allow to rise at room tempt for one hour or until doubled in size. 


6: from a long end roll this baby up, like, um use your imagination.


7: Preheat oven to 400 degrees. This is super important if your oven is not hot enough the dough will not rise properly.


8: cook until golden brown 30-40 minutes. Immediately untold buns by flipping them over onto a pan or plate and drench in bourbon and maple drizzle. 






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