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Four Roses--Rye Whiskey

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I have been looking through some of the stuff that I have and this one jumped at me.

My Uncle Roy worked at 4 Roses. To get the exact dates will require me to go through some records and that's something I will postpone until a later date when I need "proof positive" on the dates grin.gif

I don't know, the entire story behind this but it's written clearly on the back that, Uncle Roy worked there. This is cut in a perfect 8X10. Aunt Jo, found it when she was taking the picture of the "Seven Son's" (all Master Distillers at the time), out of it's frame. It was used as a backing for the picture. I know, that the picture of the seven son's was taken in the 30's. Uncle Wilmer, (Yellowstone), framed this picture, and gave one, to all the seven son's.

It's very sparkly, very pretty, metalic gold. I could imagine what it cost (back then) to produce it.

What interests me is the statement "Rye Whiskey A Blend" beneath their name.

An Alcoholic Stimulant made from the fermented mash of grain. Yeah grin.gif, Now that's shootin' it straight grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif...

Then there's the part with the NOTICE,

To apply the prescription sticker pull this flap open. That reference, is key to knowing that carton was made during prohibition.

So there you have it. One more piece of the puzzle, that I have been putting together for several years grin.gif

grin.gifgrin.gif Bettye Jo grin.gifgrin.gif


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