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Personalized Distillery glasses

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The Kentucky Bourbon Trail has personalized (your name and the distillery logo on etched glass) distillery glasses.  The distilleries are the 9 current ones included in their tour.   You can view the glasses from each distillery here:


Kentucky Bourbon Trail personalized glassware page


They want $60 for a pack of 4, however they will not sell individual glasses or an assortment from each distillery.   I have sent messages to their site asking if I could get one from each distillery but to no avail.


So I am wondering if I can find 3 others interested in going in on 9 sets (one set of 4 from each distillery), where each of the 9 glasses from all distilleries would be personalized with each person's name.  The total cost would be $540, with each of us paying $135 to receive 9 personalized distillery glasses (plus shipping & handling).   Let me know if you're interested, and if we can find 4 of us we can work out the details.


I note that periodically the site offers discounts.   For example, for this weekend (Father's Day) they had 25% off an entire order.   If we're able to time the purchase to coincide with one of these offers we could drop the price per person closer to $100+.


Obviously there is no rush on this.  I've been pondering how I could get an assortment of the distillery glasses for some time and this scheme seems as good as any.


Let me know if you're interested.



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