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Press Release: Breckenridge PX Sherry Cask Finish

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Product Release: Breckenridge PX Sherry Cask Finish + Cocktail Recipe


The Breckenridge Distillery is proud to announce the long-awaited arrival of its Breckenridge Pedro Ximenez (PX) Sherry Cask Finish. We’ve taken our award-winning bourbon and finished it in rare PX finish barrels, drawing out its rich flavors. An extensive search for these rare and unique barrels took the Distillery to Andalusia province of Spain. Each barrel was exclusively selected to craft our new spirit. We acquired retired PX barrels from a solera hundreds of years old and filled them with our rich spicy Bourbon Whiskey.


Its well-rounded aromas of fig compote, almond butter and black licorice lead to rich full-bodied flavors of orange marmalade and Madagascar vanilla bean. Long finish of sweet oak and ripe sultanas with perfectly balanced heat.


The PX Sherry Cask Finish is being released in select markets this September.


"If you like bourbon, you'll love this. If you don't like bourbon, you're still going to love this. Wonderful caramel flavors, feels like an Indian summer going into fall. Any rough edges you though bourbon has, consider this sandpaper...dangerously smooth." ~Chef David Burke  


“With its spicy dark fruit inspired aroma, rich layered palate, and well balanced sherry-forward finish, the Breckenridge PX Cash Finish Whiskey will no doubt be a popular buy among bourbon fans who enjoy cask-finished whiskeys; but we also think it's an ideal whiskey for those bourbon lovers looking to experience what cask finishing brings to the category.” ~Patrick "Pops" Garrett, BourbonBanter.com


“It is very good, it has a great mouth feel and the color is beautiful! The PX barrel really compliments the high rye bourbon spice.” ~Justin Sloan, The Bourbon Review



PX Cask Finish Cocktail - BAG END COBBLER


Cocktail ingredients:

2-1/2oz Breckenridge Whiskey PX Cask Finish

3/4oz Sherry/pomegranate/cranberry/cinnamon syrup*

3 lemon wheels 

Tsp pomegranate seeds

Splash of cider vinegar

2 dashes Angostura Bitters



Muddle lemon wheels, pomegranate seeds, vinegar, and syrup. Add bitters and PX cask finish with ice. 

Shake and double strain. Garnish: mint, lemon, pomegranate seeds


*over low heat add 2oz pomegranate juice, 2oz cranberry juice, 4oz PX cask finish, 1 cinnamon stick, and 6oz brown sugar. Stir until dissolved, remove from heat and let sit fir 15min. Let cool and bottle. Will keep a few months refrigerated.



"To make great cocktails you have to be mixing with the best spirits. The PX is a complement to your palate and works year-round, especially getting into the fall/winter with spirit forward cocktails like the Crusta, cobblers, Juleps, Flips, Toddies…the classics.” ~Billie Keithley, Liquid Chef at the Breckenridge Distillery


"There are countless ravishing Single Malt Whiskies aged in used Bourbon barrels, but a Sherry cask-aged malt Whisky just has a little extra special mojo. We were determined to find a Sherry cask to marry with Bourbon-style Whiskey. Our search for the perfect Sherry was unbalanced until we made it all the way to the concentrated and creamy side of the Sherry spectrum and found the perfect match, Pedro Ximenez.” ~Bryan Nolt, Founder/CEO of the Breckenridge Distillery  



About the Breckenridge Distillery:

Founded in 2007, the Breckenridge Distillery is proudly the world’s highest distillery, resting at 9600 feet in elevation in the bustling ski town of Breckenridge, Colorado (USA). Nestled between peaks of the Continental Divide towering over 14,000 feet, their main supply of water trickles down from the higher slopes as melting snow, filtering through dolomite, limestone and quartz. This unique source creates a mineral-rich water for proofing all of our spirits, creating a clean and brilliant mouth feel along with a smooth finish. Breckenridge Distillery is most widely known for its blended bourbon whiskey, a high-rye mash American-style whiskey. The Breckenridge Bourbon is one of the most highly awarded craft bourbons, winning Bourbon of the Year in 2011 at the International Wine & Spirits Competition and Best American Blend Whiskey in 2016 from the World Whiskies Awards.


Today, the Breckenridge Distillery’s highly awarded spirits line includes Gin, Vodka (including pear, espresso and Chili Chile), Dark Arts (malt-mash blend), Bitters, Port and Sherry Cask Finish, Spiced Rum and Whiskey, among others. With the new expansion of the Distillery’s production facility, the company will be able to produce more grain-to-bottle through their 3 stills, including a continuous column still. The Distillery also expanded in Dec. 2016 to include a New American Cuisine restaurant and open-air bar.




Media Contact: Jessie Unruh, junruh@breckdistillery.com 316-708-0433


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I tried it at the distributor's show last month. Pretty decent if one likes finished bourbon as I do. As with most things "crafty" it was on the spendy side though. They had some other new release as well but I can't recall what it was now.

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