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Cigar City Club


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My wife and I will be going to the Cigar City Club this weekend. It's been so cold here lately that I haven't gone on the deck and had a cigar in over a week. So I'm pretty excited about being able to have a cigar and be warm at the same time. I'll have to look at their selection and see what cigar I'll get. A few weeks ago when we went to Cutters, my wife had a Davidoff and I had a Blind Mans Bluff. We listened to live Latin Jazz and watched the Wisconson Miami bowl game. I was born in Wisconson so I enjoyed watching the Badgers win.

Cigar City Club has a pretty decent bourbon selection so I'll have to figure which bourbon I want to try. That won't be easy since I'll only have one since I'll be driving. Wife can't see to drive at night.

Now to just figure which bourbon they have that I don't already have to try.

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