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Hot Toddy... I Got a cold, whats your recipe?

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Hello All,


Got a bit of a cold, I am feeling pretty miserable and definitely in the mood for a Hot Toddy or a variant.   I couldn't find any recipe's in a search so figured we could start a new topic here to help out brothers in need.  I was wondering, any fellow SBer's have any special drinks remedies to help knock out a cold?


I have been drinking hot Toddies when sick for many years now and here's my personal recipe:  Its nothing special but tasty and serves its purpose well. 


My Hot Toddy Recipe:

- Loose Green Tea (cup 75% full)

- Honey (1 Tablespoon)

- Fresh Pink Grapefruit Juice (most of the juice from 1/2 a GF)

- Rye Fill up cup usually about 2 oz.  

-  I'll also throw in a Ricola Natural Herb cough drop in there and let it melt to add some extra herbs and mints. 


So what do you fellas do for a remedy when your not feeling well? 

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One variant I often use is a dash of Angostura Aromatic Bitters (I'll use more, if my tummy is queasy).    I believe it adds a bit of flavor interest, and I think maybe helps with the sinuses.    My formula doesn't use Grapefruit; but Lemon, and usually in a rather smaller ratio to the honey than your recipe.    I don't generally use any tea, though I have a couple times.    All the 'other' ingredients generally come out at about 60% of the total with Bourbon or Rye being the remaining 40%.    I usually use 100-proof or less; often 86 or 90-proof.     I try to sip it as hot as I can stand it, and will usually re-heat  it once, or even twice, in the microwave to keep it hot.


Good Luck with your ailment, GreggJ.    I hope you feel great soon.

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Thanks Rich,


Feeling much better now.  I did introduce the bitters and think that it does help open up the sinuses up a bit. Thanks for the help.  


I had grapefruits last time I had a cold and thought anything citrus would work as I was out of Lemon,  I like the flavor a bit more and decided to put that in the mix.  I think a white tea or a rooibos adds some depth and has some health benefits as well.  To be honest I never measure, just make some tea fill it up about 70% add some Honey, Citrus, and whiskey.  The bitters was a nice touch so that will go in future iterations.  Thanks again.

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