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Whistlepig 10 Yr SB Question

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22 hours ago, Oli77 said:

Contacted WP last week to ask about my recent store pick of the 10yo rye and they told me in very nice ways that they could no longer answer my questions (about the provenance of the Rye and the age). 


The lady in the marketing team explained that a rumor had started spreading about 13 yo rye stuff in there and people started buying it en masse, selling it for profit on the secondary.... She was very nice and apologized for not being able to answer my questions.

I’ve read the response of the lady at WP at least 7 times and I’m still wondering WTF...

So, a rumor started about her whiskey that fueled a run on it for secondary profit motives, so she counters that by not offering facts about her whiskey so these rumors don’t continue...



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I see your point, the approach is perhaps not the most effective way to stop a rumor from continuing to fester.  Unless you benefit from the rumor growing and growing maybe?  

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