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Russell’ Reserve 2002

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2 hours ago, RWBadley said:

Interesting. I dug around in the bunker and found a WT 101/8 from the mid 90's. It's been open for a while but not too far down the bottle. Cool dark storage. While I do like it a good deal- I'd have a hard time comparing it to the 2002. For one thing it's something of an apples/ oranges comparison- as the profiles are not even all that close. But the other is the complex depth of flavors in the 2002 is in rather stark contrast to the relative simplicity of the 101- tho granted this 101 does have some pretty nice flavors/mouthfeel going on...


Not knowing what you traded the 2002 For- I am guessing that guy may be pretty excited about his newfound 2002- as I found it to be a pretty memorable pour. I would by far rather have it in my possession than any of the gouge price PVW/BTAC/Owl/Pig offerings at the moment

I'm glad you enjoyed it! It was memorable for me too, but the wrong kind of memorable. I really wanted to like it, but I definitely did not find it to be worth the cost. Needless to say I wouldn't purchase again. Price gouging comment was interesting as I could have bought 2.5 bottles of BTAC at MSRP for the shelf price I found on this. Although, we all know how rare it is to find BTAC at MSRP. I don't blame buffalo trace for that though. 

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For sure- if I could find a bottle or two of WLWeller at 100 each it would be a pretty easy choice. 


However: I haven't seen WLW for several years around here... and from what I hear it's rare to find them at MSRP even if you do get lucky and find one.


So yeah, you might as well get that 2.5 bottles of BTAC- I know I would! ?


I would also take the ECBP at 65$ There's some value there- and I can easily see why the WT 2002 at 250 doesn't show even similar value and would easily be considered overpriced. If you enjoy the juice then it's a tougher call.




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We were recently comparing the RR 2002 to a very good private selection RR Single Barrel over at FacePlant’s house, and I actually preferred the private selection RR Single Barrel over the RR 2002.


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