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Garrison Brothers Single Barrel, Store Pick, Mini-Review...

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While in Dallas over the weekend, I bought a Total Wine Store Pick of Garrison Bros Single Barrel. It was a 2011 version on sale for $89. After tax it pretty much got my $100 bill. But for Daughter, I didn't mind the price.

The store label said to expect heavy on the butterscotch & caramel with oak on the end. I never came close to getting those flavors & neither did my Son-N-Law.

The nose was pleasant with a bit of caramel, but more dark fruit and slight but not overwhelming on the acetone. Letting it breathe for 10 minutes took that away also.

At 94 proof, this is my ballpark for sippers so I was cool with that.

First taste - a blast of cherry, very bold, toning down to some wood but not necessarily oak. The finish faded away quite smoothly & deep with a bit of nail polish at the end, but not too strong. Subsequent sips held the first opinion to a tee. Strong cherry, with other dark fruits included. Extremely unique! Viscosity is on the thick side of middle of the road. Very nice.

Ice absolutely killed this drink. It changed it to the point of not wanting to finish the drink at all and my Daughter concurred. One more pour and the strange & unique cherry bomb was back & quite enjoyable.

Not an everyday sipper, but unique enough to share with friends that are into the conversation of WTH is this. It's quite good & smooth enough to be stunned at the 3-year old tag. I'm kind of sorry that I gave them the bottle without bringing another home with me. I would however, not really call this a bourbon; at least not with what my palate needs for classification.


All 3 of us agreed that is was really good but very unique & would require the mood for it on that particular day.



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Love the Garrison's store picks from Total Wine! 

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