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My bourbon dispenser

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Saw these a few years back at a local festival.  The vendor is from Pennsylvania but travels all over the U.S. selling these stone dispensers and he also makes several different handles made from small stones with verbiage chiseled into the surface, deer antlers and of course the 50 caliber bullet seen on mine below.  These things make a great conversation piece and the nice thing is you can throw the dispenser in the freezer over night and pull it out when you load the bourbon and viola!  you have chilled bourbon without the whiskey stones or rocks.  
I spoke to the vendor earlier this spring and I'm going to get him to make me a stone handle (instead of the 50 caliber bullet) that has either Makers 46 or the SIV logo chiseled on it and I may melt some red wax and pour it over the dispenser itself... 



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