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Old Ezra 7 yr 117 Proof

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55 minutes ago, tanstaafl2 said:

I passed on this one having tried it before. My mystery whiskey tolerance continues to wane I suppose.

Someone else who didnt love it! Mine turned into my current mixing bourbon.

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Picked one up a couple days ago. I like it.

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I was at a local store today. A guy was trying to sell me this stuff (at retail), saying its "going for $300 on the secondary" (lol it is not). Also mentioned that some guy came in and bought 5 (there was 5 still on the shelf), and he thought he was planning to flip them. I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case, but it's sort of hilarious to see how absurd this is getting, from both ends (that stores are talking it up and that it has any secondary market at all).


I've seen probably 30 bottles of it now all at retail sitting on the shelf at stores around town and have passed every time. I'm not really much of a fan of Heaven Hill's standard rye mash bourbon until it's 15+ years old, so I'll wait until I see it at a bar or something to try a pour. Almost bought one today though despite my better judgement (I've been trying to buy less mystery whisky and stick more to things I know I like). I grabbed a Pikesville and an Ardbeg Grooves instead.

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