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On 11/9/2018 at 12:19 PM, kevinbrink said:

So it looks like Astor got a big collection of Velier and LMDW Transcontinental Rum Line bottles, even better is that they will be on sale 10% off the Transcontinental tomorrow 11/10 and 15% off of the Velier bottles on the 15th. 


Got some of those at K&L while in SF recently along with the Faultline. Really enjoying them!2C6527BC-3097-42E7-89FC-1B73E2B78CF1.thumb.jpeg.58d5f9bbd94b99ed94cd327ed49fe580.jpeg


One of the Hampden’s is from Europe. K&L had some of the Transcontinental rums too but I didn’t get any of those.





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