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Zaya 16 y/o

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First off, not a 16 y/o rum. It is up to 16 years of age. I need to find a bottle of the Trinidad 12 y/o Zaya to compare it to (I've got a couple somewhere), but it does not compare to the old Guatemalan Zaya of a decade or more ago, which I recently had at Christmas. Mind you, the Guatemalan Zaya I had was open for some time.  So, it was tamed down and tasted weaker than expected, but you still got that great vanilla, molasses, raisin profile.


Back to the 16-ish, what do you expect from Zaya? Vanilla bomb, and that's what you get. An absolute ton of it. However, those molasses and raisin notes build over time. Also got some faint spice, but more of a subtle back drop. I want to go back to it in a couple weeks after it's had a little time to open up, but there is nothing off putting about this rum as a sipper. If you like vanilla bombs, this oneis for you. 


My bottle cost me $34, and I'm not unhappy about it.

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