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Barton's Tom Moore 1792

Bourbon Air Tours
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Bourbon Air Tours

I took this picture a few weeks ago before the mash tank spilled across the parking lot. The old New Haven Turnpike runs through the distillery. The turnpike was closed and Barton bought it in 1933 when the old wooden covered bridge across the Beech Fork River collapsed. The State built a new bridge on Cathedral Manor on the east side of the plant. The visitor's gate is along that side.


Today, the old road is designated as Barton Road and it is the route for the trucks hauling out the day's production. The visitor center is to the right and the distillery is to the left of the old road. The original Mattingly & Moore distillery is to the north, just past the visitor center in the grove of trees at the right edge of the picture. The foundation is still present.

Barton Bardstown.png

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