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Michter's Barrel Strenght Rye Special Release 2019

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Well here goes nothing, this is my first review on SB and I am a newb with about 20 posts here. 

Yesterday several LS in KY made some offerings for those wiling to wait out in the rain for a couple of hours. 

I picked up this Michter's for $89. Pricey. Better be good.


It's a 108.4 proof. 


Nose was sweet and strong of alcohol, but I just openned it, so i waited a bit.

After a while: creamy, sweet  a little, floral, Willett-like at first. Then Caramel, leather. finish... a bit of alcoholic and burning and dry.  Finish is harsh for me on first opening.

Got  a few more swigs. 

Finish is long, a bit of wood, this is going to be much much better with some air. Give it a few week. It's a winner I feel.

I would put is between my Willett 4yo and my 10 yo whistlepig store pick.


After a while, I will comment further once the bottle opens up.




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Good job, look forward to hearing more over time!


Above Willet and below the WP pick? Or vice versa?

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Below Willett for sure. Will have to come back to you with respect to WP... Need more time

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After a bit more sampling, i find a very very close resemblance to Pikesville. Both very good up front, sugar, vanilla, wood, then coffee i think, floral too. The last 20 s fade pretty quickly. It's a good rye.

The alcohol is not so strong anymore. Very balanced bottle.

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Came back to this this past weekend now that 1/2 the bottle is gone ?.


I haven't read my initial comments (posted initially in April) since I posted them.

September: It is very sweet up front and has a caramel or even a maple syrup quality/ smell.

Great balance and depth with the rye coming in strong, the wood  underneath and a long finish. 

I like it a lot.

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Don't mind me as I am obviously still wet-behind-the-ears when it comes to tasting whiskies. 


Last pour I had of this was sweet up front but had a lingering aftertaste of chemical substance I couldn't identify.


No liking it so much anymore.


Carry on...

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I have barrel #19C385 (111.6p) open and I like it. Its a very good rye. They very a little but good shit to me. 

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