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Flight board opinions

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Hi, Kyle here... I'm new to this board, but not new to Bourbon!

I've got a few questions.... Does anyone use flight /  serving boards at home when serving drinks?
We've got two boards we've been starting to produce and want to get some thoughts on them.
I'll post a link and just copy and paste if it doesn't come up as a link


The round one is made with Lazy Susan hardware on the bottom for turning.  We feature it as a Tequila board, but it can easily be used as a Whiskey/Bourbon board.
The other one is roasted oak (pictured with Hibiki 12 yrs), which the wood was originally meant to be Whiskey barrels, but we managed to lock-up the last of this in the US, as its made with French Oak from Normandy, which is no longer harvested and milled.

Also, what are your opinions on Glencairn glass for flight glasses?
Thanks Everyone for your thoughts!

Kyle of Todd Alan Woodcraft

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