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Bourbon Flight Tasting Trays

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I have way too much time on my hands so i decided that I needed some nice wooden "trays" to use for bourbon tasting.  A trip to Lowe's resulted in finding a nice piece of laminated wood that I thought would work.  It was 2.5" square and 3" long



It was then cut into 4 equal size pieces (9" each)



I needed a 2" diameter recess to fit my glassware so I purchased a 2" Forstner drill bit





I used the bit to drill 3 holes in each 9" section







After drilling all holes the pieces were sanded and then, since I liked the color and grain of the wood enough, finished with a clear polyurethane finish.  Once dry, 2" felt pads were placed in each depression to finish the look.  The pads are removable if the need arises.



I think the finished product looks pretty good.




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You definitely have too much time on your hands!  Seriously, that turned out great.

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Tennessee Dave

Nice work

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