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Looking for Old Poindexter Info


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Wondering if anyone has information on Old Poindexter distillery out of Lexington, KY. From what I've read they are a closed distillery pre-prohibition, later Schenley bought rights and trademark in 1934. I'm wondering what happened with bottle releases after the Schenley purchase. I've only seen a few bottles after '34, but bottles seem to have conflicting info or non at all. There is a 5y Old Poindexter that came out in 1946 but that bottle has a "Distiller No. 42" which should tie it to Fairfield Distilling who closed in '55. As far I a know FF was later bought by Heaven Hill. How would FF have used Old Poindexter if OP was in the Schenley portfolio, dis Schenley also own FF? If so where does HH come into play if they later owned FF? Bit confused on what brands went where. Anyone able to straighten out what happened?





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Schenley vastly overproduced during the 50s and Fairfield was a victim of it. They started to cut the excess which included selling off entire distilleries. When they sold distilleries, the labels went with it. So use of the Old Poindexter label transferred from Schenley to Heaven Hill when the whole operation was sold. Nothing came of it though because distillation there had come to an end, though the other facilities remained in use for a while. 

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