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KL Moneymusk

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Anyone have any thoughts on this one? I'd like to know what sort of hogshead they are referring to...


2007 Fine Pot Distilled Jamaican (Moneymusk) 11 Year Old "Thompson Bros." K&L Exclusive Single Refill Hogshead Cask Strength Jamaican Rum

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It's Monymusk. No E.


Unless they're making a value for money joke.


Surprised they don't know that, because they've bottled Monymusk before.


It's worth a try. I'm not pulling favors to get a case of it. 


Anyone else heard of Thompson Brothers? Is this a Scottish aged situation? 


The Golden Devil Monymusk had a beautiful tropical nose and a cool oily, minerally taste. It was 9 or ten years or so of age, and 100 proof. But I also got mine on closeout for 39.99, which is NOT going to happen again for a long while.

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