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1978 Arcadia Club Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Troy Aydell
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This is my first post. Thanks for having me! I've been collecting for over 3 years now and i've dated many bottles, researched the history on every bottle I have in my possession and consider myself knowledgeable about bourbon in general. I recently acquired a bottle of 1978 Arcadia Club Straight Bourbon Whiskey. The bottle is a quart in size, 86 proof and is 4 year age stated. Bottled by Webster Distilled Products Co. and distilled in Kentucky.  I looked all over the internet (didn't find a single picture of the bottle) and looked through all of my bourbon resource books. What I was able to find:  Acracia was owned by Atlas Distilled Products which owned Webster Distilled Products. Atlas Distilled Products was one of the Woolner Bros'. distilleries. They sold it to the Standard Distilling & Distributing Co., which was one of the companies formed from or as an extension of the Whiskey Trust. Downard (1980) suggests that The Atlas was passed on to the U S Industrial Alcohol Co. and the Century Distilling Co. on Repeal. It ultimately was bought by National Distillers Products Co. I was told by a Chicago friend that the Arcadia Club was an actual Club in Chicago. I believe the distiller to be National Distillers but i'm not 100% sure. Any help or info will be appreciated. 

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