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Bourbon and Chocolate

This topic has been inactive for at least 365 days, and is now closed. Please feel free to start a new thread on the subject! 

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The previous thread for bourbon and chocolate had timed out due to inactivity, but I had a eye opener (for me) this afternoon so I'm starting a new one.


After watching my grandson's win in their baseball tournament in Des Moines (by the miracle of a cell phone and Facebook live feed, I could watch it on my TV), poured myself some AAA 10yr. Delicious as always. Decided some chocolate was needed and broke out the Lindt 85% dark stuff. After my first bite, took a sip of the AAA and damn if it didn't remind of something from the past that I couldn't recognize right away. It finally dawned on me that it was my grandma's Swedish Pepparkakor cookies. I had to ask my wife what the ingredients are, and the combination of molasses, ginger and cardamon are what I was tasting. Great stuff, fond memories. 

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