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Dan Farber of Osocalis Brandy Distillery Interview- for the French Spirits Forum Lovers

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Hi there to those of you that follow the French Spirits Forum:


Dear Friends, I know that there are a number of you on here that might be very interested in watching this 2 hour+ interview with my dear friend and much esteemed colleague, alambic brandy Master Distiller/Master Blender Dan Farber, of Osocalis Distillery in Soquel, CA. Dan started his pursuit in the 1980's, but didn't really get rolling with his distillery until the early 1990's. 


Now that Germain-Robin has been sold to Gallo and the old RMS distillery in Carneros, CA is long gone, I personally believe that Dan Farber is "the last man standing" in the great but somewhat unfortunately short-lived tradition of Alambic brandy producers here in CA, and indeed, in the whole U.S. I would love to see Dan's distillery become a family or at least a legacy distillery that continues well after his demise, as I believe he is a consummate artist and devotee to the craft whose brandy is hands-down world-class. He is very eloquent in his delivery, and he goes into great depth in explaining production techniques, history, etc. Along with Hubert, I consider him to be a mentor. 


I have attached the below interview with Dan for those that would like to learn more in-depth about the centuries-old Cognac and brandy production techniques that I have discussed on this forum over the years. If the attachment does not work, then please go to Facebook's "Serious Brandy" site, run by Steve Ury, and please let him know that I have sent you to the site. I told him that I would be posting the video on this forum, so please reference me so that you can watch it. 


If you have the 2+ hours to spare to watch this, then sit back with a glass of your favorite brandy (or heck, even a good Bourbon for that matter!) and be prepared for Dan to blow your mind! 


Cheers, and happy watching,




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