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Willett WFE finally arrived!

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Here are the WFE bottles I picked up today from Eric at Packages and More.  This is the end product of a barrel selection back in November of 2019 that I participated in (full story, see: 

Anyway here are some photos:





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I hate you so much.  Doing a WFE barrel pick is on my bucket list but I'm beginning to doubt it'll ever happen.   Plus, my WFE inventory is starting to dwindle down as my consumption of it has far outpaced by ability to replace it at this point.  

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I had my first pour of Willit last week at a poker game. Willit Rye I believe. It was one of the more aromatic pours that I have had in a long time. I really enjoyed the flavor profile. It wasn't  like any Rye that I have had before. 

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