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From Fawn Weaver, the CEO and founder of Uncle Nearest Whiskey. Thought it was worth sharing:


"Hey @jackdaniels_us, how about you guys bring this early 1900s bottle back? I understand from your historian that it’s the only Jack Daniel’s bottle to contain both his name and picture. I’ve been trying to get my hand on one for years...but perhaps you can make it a little easier on a sister and do a special release... ?

On a serious note, I feel so fortunate and grateful to be the keeper of the @unclenearest story in this lifetime. And what a remarkable story it has proven to be!

Immediately following the civil war, legal documents show the wealthiest African-American in the area was Nearest Green, and he was wealthier than many (if not most) of his white neighbors.

Two men garnered more respect in Lynchburg in the 1870s and 1880s than any other: Uncle Nearest and Uncle Jack. That is absolute astounding! A lot of great lessons for today to be learned in studying how this formerly enslaved Black man and orphaned white chore boy came to not only see each other as equal, but to treat each other accordingly, and to make sure their descendants and communities did the same for generations to follow.

In every generation, no matter how hard the times, we can always find stories of hope. This is one of mine."


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