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Whiskey Rebellion Trail?


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Through some reading and research I'm finally realizing the goldmine of history I'm sitting on here in western PA in terms of rye whiskey.  


Doing some further searching, I came across whiskeyrebelliontrail.com that apparently boasts distilleries from Pittsburgh to Philly, and down into DC.  


Has anyone ever done this before?  I'm not a huge fan of rye but would love to start learning more and expanding the palette a bit.


Appreciate the help!



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B.B. Babington

I'm not familiar with rebellion trail but will look into it.  I do know whiskey produced in the east BEFORE Kentucky and Tennessee so the tour might be educational.

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I looked it up and there is a pretty cool tour here for $25.  It includes two flights at two different distilleries and general admission at a few smaller Pittsburgh museums.  The wife and I may look into this and the Central PA tour as the leaves continue to change, will be nice to get out of the house.


Should be figuring this out in the next few weeks, will report my findings, not sure how much of this is affected by COVID yet.  Certainly doesn't look the Bourbon Trail by any means, but seems like it should be interesting.



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On 11/27/2020 at 10:12 PM, Mattk said:

Picked a couple of these from the swickley fine wine and good spirits. Wigle definitely seems worth the while.



I actually really like that stuff.

the hints of tart cherry and cinnamon make it a really interesting drink.

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