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I like whiskey. I like venison. BUT.


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This is probably the sort of thing made for people that know nothing.  They will be pitched hard when shopping for a gift (for someone like us).  I can just see, it's $65, it must be good. ???

Warn your family and friends now.

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I also like whiskey and venison . . . and will happily keep my $65.  Hell, I like whiskey and eggs over easy . . . but let's keep things in their own lane.

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B.B. Babington
On 11/11/2020 at 2:35 PM, BigRich said:

I'm not sure why you would pay $65 for a bottle of this when you could just rub crap in your mouth for free.

you've missed it.  if it's free it's worthless, but if it's high dollar it's treasure

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