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Thaw Your Turkey

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I'm talking about real turkey, as in the frozen bird in the freezer.

Clear out a big enough space in your refrigerator.  Put the roasting pan there, then put frozen bird in the pan.

It takes quite a few days to thaw a big bird.  It is a major inconvenience to wake up Thanksgiving morning, and find stuff still partially frozen.  I've got a bird over 23 pounds this year - taking no chances.

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For years I got a smoked turkey or part of a smoked turkey from a local turkey farm.  Well this year they chose to not smoke turkeys.  I got a 5 pound turkey breast from the grocery store and had that.  


Unfortunately, another Thanksgiving Day tradition has been lost in that my daughter who for the past decade lived on Long Island and we'd go there for Thanksgiving moved to Sherman Oaks in LA.  A tradition lost but the Skype time was rewarding nonetheless.

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