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Hello! Question about crystalline decanters

Mk Hortsch
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I did a few searches first so forgive me if this is commonly discussed.


first, really glad I found this forum! My go to right now are Eagle Rare, Michters rye and russels rye.


I was gifted a nice Waterford marquis decanter a couple years ago but I’m afraid to use. It’s crystalline and they claim 100% lead free.


Can I trust it for long term storage? I want to use it for my mixing bourbon for old fashions and manhattans.

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Define long term storage?


I'm no expert about decanter materials but if a reputable company advertises "100% lead free" then I would personally not worry about lead.

What you might need to watch out for is the stopper seal being air tight.  Is it cork material or just a turned/polished glass surface? It needs an air tight seal to keep the liquid for very long.

I have a nice Fenton decanter with a glass-surfaced glass stopper and I use it only for something I am frequently and actively drinking from, ... like WT101 or home blends like Grandpa Weller 4 Grain or Weller SB Blend (aka pour man's pappy).

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