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My apologies for starting a “Pappy” thread but I’m curious about the rye recipe. The bottle for the newer non-tanked batches says “From Pappy Van Winkle’s Private Stock, Bottled by Old Rip Van Winkle Distillery.”


Is the assumption that this is the same Sazerac 51%ish rye mashbill or the higher rye used in CEHT that is thought to come from Barton? My 15 minute google search didn’t come up with much info since BT doesn’t like to talk about mashbills.

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Don't know nuthin' 'bout no mashbill, but it sure is easy/delicious drinkin' all the way down the gullet, IMHO.  ?

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Also would love to know this. And can anyone confirm that 2020 is better than 18 and/or how does 2020 compare to the legendary tanked releases?

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