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Rip Van Winkle & Coins of Ireland Decanters


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Happy Holidays,

Going through my parents house and found the attached two decanters.  

The stopper cork for the Rip Van Winkle was twisted off, but the cork is wedged in the neck.  The decanter is from 1975.

The Coins of Ireland has never been opened.  The liquor stamp is still intact.  Decanter is from 1979.

Any idea of how to value these?

Coins of Ireland.pdf Rip Van Winkle.pdf

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DeaconBlue - we don't allow any sort of buy/sell/trade activity on this site.

Asking for valuations of extremely rare and sought after bourbons is seen as a precursor to trying to sell or trade it.

That may not be your intent but because we don't know you we don't know. Thus we don't allow discussions of this nature.

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