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Bourbon MEME's


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Not really a bourbon meme, but I thought it relative. My wife and I took a drive yesterday. We stopped to eat lunch at a really cool small town place out in the country. There was a restaurant, brewery, and furniture store. After lunch, we took a look see in their gift shop. They had a lot of wine related items. There was one display that had a tray with a wine bottle and two wine glasses. In betwixt the bottle and glasses was a cube. On that cube was:


                                                                                TWO + TWO =

                                                          A SLIGHT BUZZ

Biba! Joe



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Have this stuck on a cabinet in my office, can't remember where it came from (probably here...)




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On 7/7/2021 at 7:55 AM, dwg13013 said:

download (1).png

And that's why I'm never moving out of state!

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