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Indiana and Kentucky Spring Break 2021

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Visited several distilleries in Indiana and Kentucky on spring break this year. 


I saw the sign for Starlight in southern Indiana, so had to swing over.  Met one of the Huber family grandchildren, and picked up a bottle on release day by chance for the double oak. 


We stayed in Louisville, went downtown to SW, EWBE, and AE.  The SW tour was very good, went into buildings to hear the story and see aging barrels.  The only still on property today is a small experimental size.  EWBE tour was good, they also have a small experimental still onsite, producing 5 barrels a week.    AE we missed the tour, had a tasting.  AE had regular and rye in the gift shop.


Drove around to 4R, WT, WR, but they were closed on the only day we had available.


Went to Makers, took the Ambassador tour, the production buildings were closed due to COVID-19, but the tasting was very good.  MM, MMCS, M101, a PS, MM46, and because someone had MM sox on, we received an extra pour.  Picked up my bottles, plus a 2020 and 2021 LE.


On the drive out, went by Yellowstone.  We only had time to shop, no tour, but they did talk about their expansion work, should increase production 3-5 times.  They had 3 different bottles available for purchase.


We had time for shopping, posted that picture in the purchase thread.

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