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Heavy-Based Tumbler Glasses?

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The best I’ve been able to find have been the “Direction” series from Crate and Barrel or the Heavy Rauk Tumbler from the Norlan glass guys.


Any other suggestions? I love a glass with a heavy base.



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Luigi Bormioli (Italy) makes a range of glassware.  It is sold at Bed Bath & Beyond, Costco, Amazon, and some high end stores depending on the style.  Sets of four 3.5 inch high, 7 or so ounce basic "Old Fashioned" glasses can be bought for under $25.  I like them because the bases are not TOO thick, and the sides are vertical.


Search on Amazon for "Bormioli" OR click on this to go directly to the "Rocco" style which is typical.  https://www.amazon.com/Bormioli-Rocco-Fashioned-Whiskey-Glasses/dp/B07S4357XV

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