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Laird's Cask Strength Single Barrel Apple Brandy

B.B. Babington
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For those that might not know, Laird's is the oldest still operating distillery in USA holding distiller's license #1.  For past many years they use Virginia apples, fermented and distilled in Virginia, aged and bottled in New Jersey.  They are consulted before federal laws/regulation are enacted.  


A single barrel cask strength just hit our shelves.  Specs vary by barrel, but tend about 5 year old 130 proof.  I picked up exactly 5 yo 127.5 proof.  I did a side by side with their 100 proof 5 yo 10th generation.  BTW, 10th generation issued to honor 10 generations of Laird family distillers.  


10th is a true small batch and benefits from having misture of chosen barrels.  10th really good, lots of flavors, especial flower/perfume (think walking down honeysuckle and blackberry covered dirty road).  It had bit of bite, but pleasant.  Exceptional and unique flower/perfume aftertaste that lingered.  Quality!


Cask strength only slightly more bite.  Much stronger apple flavor but not much for flower/perfume up front or after.  Not much after.  


As for $/proof, both about the same.  10th $45 and cask $62.  


The true aficionado probably most happy with getting both.  10th more complex and sophisticated and in general a better quality product.  But the cask offers it's own unique attributes not to be ignored.  Most notably "danger, danger Will Robinson."  This cask is smooth like water and at high proof one can get in trouble fast.  It's like Blanton's, one might not know what happened until wake up next morning in a jail cell.



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Was gifted a bottle of the cask strength a while back. Pretty fabulous stuff!

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