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Basil Hayden Toast - Toasted Barrel

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B.B. Babington



This appears to be regular Basil aged in a toasted barrel.  Online reviews generally positive.  Right now it is very limited in our area, not sure about future availability.  80 proof, standard for Basil label.  $50 here.


as per beam modus operandi, juice seems young, lacking complexity or heavy wood.  very light nose.  light smooth flavor, similar to regular basil but with twist, toast comes through.  light, lingering, very pleasant aftertaste.  this might sound odd, though the drink is light/mild and really not interesting, it is very pleasant.  I could drink this all day.  it's great for entry bourbon or for old timer to enjoy.  


this will get better reviews than the 10 year rye.  10 year rye was quite good, just flavor too week at 80 proof.  


I love this one.  My only complaint is it's too easy to drink and one might be surprised when half bottle gone without noticing.  

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Not sure if there is any age statement but apparently this has some amount of rice in the mashbill. That of course has been a great success in the past...


I don't even have to try it to know that, like all Basil Hayden, it is much too weak at 80 proof and the regular is already over priced, just as this is. If someone is pouring I am happy to try it and have my mind changed but I don't see that happening and won't even be looking for it, much less buying it.

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B.B. Babington
4 hours ago, tanstaafl2 said:

...I don't even have to try it to know that, like all Basil Hayden, it is much too weak at 80 proof and the regular is already over priced, just as this is. ...

yes, this toast is weak, like all basils.  yes, it perhaps is overpriced but keep in mind it is a "craft" rather than regular offering, but for intrinsic value there are better bargains on shelf.  It's the type of thing to get one to try, but not a dozen for regular staple.

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For shits and giggles, I grabbed and popped a bottle on Friday. Only one on the shelf. I was actually excited to see it, as I’m a big fan of toasted whiskeys. 

I hadn’t purchased a bottle of any BH products in easily eight to ten years. But you know for what this is, it isn’t bad. In fact the low proof really hit the spot on Friday night. 

It’s not as toasty or expressive as I’d have liked, but then my expectations were certainly in check at 80 proof. I thought the rice in the mashbill was pretty easy to spot, but was well integrated and nothing off-putting. 

All in all, I liked it just fine, and I’m happy to have it on my bar. Will I replace it when it’s gone? Probably not, at least not right away or anything. I’m actually planning to blend a bit of it with an over-oaked KC 15 yr PS. I figure I’ll call it Basil Creek Toasted 15 Year. 

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