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2021 Yellowstone Limited Edition

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Has anyone found a bottle or tried it yet?    I like the bottles every year - they are well finished.   Expensive but well finished.   This year's version has an Amarone finish on 7year blended with 15 year - I am assuming Lux stocks.   



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I liked last year's bottle but I haven't yet seen this one.    It's one LE that usually shows up somewhere,  and the price isn't just silly.  

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I found the 2018 and 2019, but the 2020 eluded me.  My store couldn't get any of it, where they got several cases in years prior.  I don't know what happened.  I asked about the 2021 and he didn't seem hopeful.  I did notice on wine-searcher that the 2020 was going for over $300-400 in several places, likely because it was getting popular with good reviews.  


I'll be seeking out the 2021, but only if I can find it locally at a good price.  

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