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Special bottles for a special friend

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I met my life-long best friend, Doug, in 1972 when I lived in Berkeley, CA.  I was 18, he was 21, and we worked together while we were both in school.  He worked with me at an ice cream store, and had other jobs delivering sandwiches and working part time at two liquor stores.  We were later roommates, comforted each other through our first heartbreaks, and he nursed me through my first hangover, which was only fair since the night before he introduced me to Jack Daniels.  Later we were best man at each other's weddings.  We lost him in 2017 to cancer. 


I finally made a trip back to Berkeley to spread his and his wife's ashes (he married my high school best friend and she died of cancer 3 months before him).  I also went to the liquor store he worked at all those years ago and found they had a store pick, so I bought a special bottle to toast him with every year.  Thanks to members fosmith and berto, I also checked out a couple of other liquor stores and bourbon bar/restaurants.  One of them turned out to be the location of the OTHER liquor store he worked at when it was called College Ave Liquor.  And they had a store pick or Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Barrel Proof, so now I have two special bottles to toast my friend.  Thanks again to fosmith and berto.

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Wonderful story.  Sorry for you loss.  Right now there are three "special" bottles.  One is a bottle of Old Ezra 101 15 y.o. that someone gave my wife in1982.  I checked and it was bottled in 1981, which means it was distilled in 1965.  It's never been opened.  I retired 3 years ago and wanted to open it that night and my wife said it wasn't a special enough occasion.  I asked what was special enough and she said we could open it when she retired.  Well . . . about 5:00 pm EST on November 30, 2021 the cork will be removed.  She's retiring and we're opening it.



The other two bottles are a Bookers 2017-01 and a Bookers 2020-01.  Both were purchased and given to my grandsons on their first Christmas.  The plan is that, good lord willing, I'll open it with them when they turn 18 and share a pour with each of them.

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