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BOTM 12/21 Thomas H Handy Rye and friends


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Saw this was the BOTM and even though I have never seen one in person, I was determined to find one and try one. Alas, I did not find one to purchase but after much persistence, I finally found a bar that had a bottle so I packed my own glass and headed over. This was the first BTAC I've ever tried and truth be told, I'm starting to grow a bit tired of chasing them but my god, I think I now understand why it's becoming near impossible to find.


She was, in a way I wish she wasn't, everything you want from a rye. Velvety, long lasting, complex with all the proof you could dream for without it being overbearing. While you nose the glass, she will tell you everything you want to hear and then simply caress all of your taste buds on the way down.


To me, it had plenty of fruit notes and great warming spices, such as the previously mentioned baking spices, with sweetness surrounding all of it. All of which are just constantly unfolding. Beautiful.


Bravo to whomever picked this to be the BOTM.


Thank you, Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year to all!


... Now if only I can stumble across one in 2022.


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I'm only 9 months late on my comment to this Dec 21 post. I have several BTAC from 2015 on and no pre 15 except a drop or two of the hazmat 14 WLW in the house. I say that because I didn't get to enjoy the BTAC line up in the early days, so very limited experience here. I will say THH is the most up and down of all the BTAC in the past few years. Some years it's so incredible (16 & 18) for me but the 2019 was almost terrible. BT prides itself in a consistent standard profile but I would disagree with this one. For my local and their annual Dec. "handouts" the Handy used to be the booby prize. In MEM the Stagg and WLW were usually top picks except the rare years of Saz18. Not sure if they liked the Saz to drink or flip? After 19 the 2020 release was a huge uptick again....thank goodness. 

Not normally being a rye fan the Handy won me over and now I'm game to try any good rye, and there have been plenty out there in the past few years to please. Whistle Pig was really hot a couple of years ago. I recently commented on a truly spectacular JD SiB Rye SP and other notables like the Willett, Russell and others. But the Handy set the standard since the Saz18 has been unattainable for me. Great pick flahute. 

Hunting or begging has lost it's luster so what's bunkered might just have to last. I will say anyone visiting our fare city would be welcome to PM me and help me share with another appreciator. :) 

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