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New Year's Price Increases

B.B. Babington
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Noticing quite a few price increases for Va ABC.  A dramatic non-whiskey: Clase Azul Blanco went from $109 to $149 in 1 day.

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Im not taking political sides here, but that sticker is creatively funny.



Also, is premium only 91 octane in Texas?

Here it’s 93.

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While the general trend for several years has been in the direction of significant price increases, I found it pleasantly surprising that starting in mid-year 2021 several brands experienced price decreases.


Examples, specific to my area.  A few years ago Basil Hayden's jumped from $29.99 to $45.99.  While I can still find it for the higher price in several stores, I can find an equal number of stores where it is $23.99.  When KC dropped the age statement, the price jumped from the low $20s to the lower $30s.  I still see it in several stores for $32.99.  However, I can find it in several other stores for less than $25 with the age statement returned.  I recall OGDBIB and WT101 jumping from $14.99 to $25.99 almost overnight.  I can now find both regularly for less than $20.  Four Roses SiB jumped from $29.99 to $49.99.  Now, I can regularly find it in the mid-to-upper $30s.


I may be wrong but I believe the most significant price increases are for products more desired by the Taters and those who FOMO.  The higher end or sought after products continue to see significant price increases.  I also notice the gap in pricing between single barrel store selections and standard bottles continues to widen.  There used to be  a slight discount and knowledge that the store selection would be better.  Now, neither are a given. 




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